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18 November 2008 @ 10:43 pm
012. Chains, Heechul-Kangin - I don’t think so!  
Theme: 012. Chains

Title: I don’t think so!

Paring: Heechul/Kangin

Rating: None
Genre: Romance, Humor.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the members of Super Junior but I would LOVE to. ^_^
Summary: Admitting that you love someone is hard, especially if he is a boy and so are you.

‘Ahhhhhhhh Thump Thump Thump’ Sounds of things breaking and smashing could be heard from Super Junior’s dorm. Kangin who couldn’t sleep anymore rushed in the living room to punish the one responsible for the chaos, only to find Heechul.

‘Ah spit it out! What happened, again? Who did it? Spit it out…’ He started shouting at the angry boy who couldn’t even listen to his friend.

‘My face is ruined! How can I show my face in public looking like this, how?’ He said showing a tinny pimple on his forehead, under the bang.

‘For this you’re doing such a fuss early in the morning?’ The younger one responded landing on the couch. ‘Aish, you’re such an idiot.’ He said making himself comfortable. ‘Now, you go hide it with some powder puff and let me sleep? Okay? I’m really tired.’

Hearing this Heechul started smashing things again angry on his friend that didn’t understand the meaning of his little pimple.

‘How can you be so mean? You don’t understand what it means to be me. How can I show my ugly face to the public, how?’ He started once again making the other one angrier than before. Hearing him Kangin stood up, clinching the older boy to the wall.

‘Heechul, if you say one more word I’m seriously going to punish you for waking me so early. And I assure you, you won’t enjoy it.’

‘Well it’s tempting, what are you going to do to me?’ The older one answered amused breathing on Kangin’s neck.

‘Provoke me and you’ll se.’

‘I provoke you’

‘Are you sure?’


Hearing Heechul’s answer Kangin quickly pulled him from the wall, carrying him to his room, throwing him on the bed smiling naughty.

‘Do you remember the chains that you bought me for my birthday?’ The older one nodded looking confused. ‘It looks the time for me to use them has come.’ Kangin said smiling.

‘We are lucky we’re alone in the dorm.’ Heechul said grabbing Kangin’s hand pulling him in his arms.

‘Are you sure? I don’t think so.’ He answered laughing while chaining Heechul to the bed, before leaving him there.

‘To bad for them, it seems we’re going to make some noise.’ Saying the older boy that didn’t realize Kangin wasn’t leaving to close the door and return. In fact he was leaving him chained in there.

‘I hope you’ll enjoy you time alone.’ The black-haired boy said smiling before closing the door.

‘HEY! YOU PUNK! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME IN HEAR! I’M YOU HYUNG LISTEN TO MEA ANG LET ME GO!’ Heechul started shouting from the top of his lungs. Listening from the other side of the door Kangin smiled happily and went back to his room to sleep.

Making lots of noise, arguing out loud to himself, Heechul attracted 2 pairs of curious eyes. Hearing him Donghae and Hyukjae opened slowly the door just to close it back quickly before receiving a pillow in their face.

‘What’s with him? Is it that time of the mount?’ Asked Hyukjae laughing, at the scene behind the doo.

‘Why are you asking me? How should I know?’ Answered Donghae pouting at the other boy. ‘What am I, a girl? How should I Know?’

‘Well you’re my girl right? That’s why I love you.’ He said giving him a peck on the lips while hugging him. Immediately Donghae hugged him back kissing him sensual, leading the way back to their room leaving behind Heechul’s shouts.

‘HEY! Get me out of here! K A N G I N! I’LL KILL YOU WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!’ 

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zmarra on November 18th, 2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
Oh my this is so funny *roll on floor* Poor Heenim...

And once again a proof that Kangin won't pair with anyone else than Teuky Teuky Leeteuky <3 <3 <3